PEEKABOO-MASKS Finely crafted leather mask designs offered by the great master mask maker himself "Mr. Mitchell Walker" Yes! Says he, "In this Day of Great Industry" there still exists "fine craftsmanship" and "original design" wrought not by mechanical means or kinetic manipulations, but by the hand and soul of the master craftsman. .

This website is not intended for sales of my masks.

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 "The exciting events of 2017 that are yet to come!"
 The Renaissance Pleasure Faire -WEEKENDS, April and May 2017- I will not be attending this event this year with my original and imaginative creations, however I do encourage my patrons to not let that hinder your visiting "The Renaissance Pleasure Faire" as you will indeed discover all of the wonders and joys that surround you while attending. I do hope to return next year with all the wonder that is "Spirits of the Forest Masks" aka "Peekaboo-Masks".  -Labor Day weekend 2017- The Kings Mountain Art Fair Come spend the day in an "Ancient Red Wood Grove" to support our local volunteer fire department at one of California's longest running art fairs.
 - Then -
 -WEEKENDS, SEP - OCT, 2017- -The Northern California Renaissance Faire-  The Edwardian Ball - January 2017-
 -Also-  The Great Dickens Christmas Fair -NOV - DEC., 2017 10:00am - 7:00pm -Visit- Find my masks at "The Castle in the Air" 4th St. Beraley Ca.
-Visit- "The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball " Los Angeles Ca.


        Mitchell Walker 2004- 2016, Peekaboo-Masks, aka Spirits of the Forest Masks